Name a Rose for that special someone! A wonderful romantic gesture with personal meaning for a loved one to be cherished. With this name a rose gift they can watch their roses grow and flower in the garden year after year.

Each name a rose bush pack comes with a packet of seeds in a metal gift tin. These grains are totally unique and as yet unnamed so once you plant the seeds you can register the name of your very own variety of these classic blooms. The name you choose will even be entered into the International Rose Naming Registry which is regularly updated and held in the British Library as the horticultural reference point.

These flowers have a long and colourful history.  Roses have always been a symbol of romanticism (what could be more tender than to naming a rose after your lover?). The first literary reference as the queen of flowers “Ode to the Rose ” was by the Greek poetess Sappho in 600 BC and by 1200 AD a handful of types including Damaska Gallicas and Scot Roses had evolved. If you want to name a rose bush these days there are about 125 different species grown for their charm and fragrance.

Naming a rose has traditionally all been about love beauty war and politics. You only have to look back at one of the greatest love stories ever written Romeo and Juliet with Shakespeare writing  “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. During the 15th century in the fight to control England white bouquets were used to symbolise York and red ones to symbolise Lancaster with the conflict becoming known as the “War of the Roses”.

Our sentimental name a rose gift packages are the perfect fragrant present. Whether it’s for a christening birthday wedding gift or simply a gentle way to remember someone close to your heart. And you to choose any name you like so it could be a full name christian name or your soppy little nickname you have for your special someone that only you two know.

So name a rose register it and enjoy nurturing and watching it blossom and grow into a beautiful flower.  It’ll be a lasting memory of someone you love and we think these name a rose gift packs make for a really rather touching and thoughtful garden gift to give that gives pleasure for years and years. See our main gifts page for lots of inspiration and gift ideas.

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