Nationwide Drift Hot Lap Experience

A drift car hot lap in a scorching hot Nissan 350Z! Available at tracks around the country this is your chance to experience drifting from the front passenger seat as you’re taken for a thrilling passenger ride in a brilliant car.

The Nissan 350Z is a fab little motor. It’s a fine example of a Japanese rear wheel drive coupe that loves to drift. Drifting is practically a national sport in Japan and it has properly caught on here in the UK too. That’s why we’re offering drift car hot laps. With an expert drifter at the wheel you’ll get the full-force of the drift.

What’s the difference between drifting and just racing around a track? Well to drift like a pro you need to be going in and out of corners not just fast but also sideways. And when you’ve really got the drift of drifting turns are linked – and it almost becomes a ballet out there on the track.

It also helps if the surface is low grip. That why your super-skilled driver will be able to fling the Nissan into the corners even earlier and at even higher speeds. It’s a tricky balance between power and control too. Push it too far and you spin out unceremoniously. What’s amazing about these drift car hot laps is that your driver host knows just how far to push it with the car right on the edge of being out of control but never losing control.

You’ll be riding up front in the Nissan 350Z for about five minutes. Now that might not sound like a very long time but when you compare it to a theme park roller coaster ride it certainly is long enough to be thrilling enough to feel like your eyeballs are popping out in stalks!

As long as you’re at least 11 years old and 4ft 10” tall you can go on these fabulous drift car hot lap experiences. Depending on the venue your five minutes will give you around six laps of the circuit – plenty of time to lap up the ridiculously fast and furious driving of you expert driving host. Just get ready to hold on tight before that first corner!

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