Nationwide Nissan 350Z Drifting

Looking for a thrilling drifting experience near you? We’ve got the answer with a full range of drift sessions at a multitude of tracks around the UK. If you’ve seen the slides these cars do you know it’s going to be a lot of fun out there.

You will be driving a Nissan 350Z. It might not be one of the most legendary sports cars out there but when it comes to a good solid drifter the 350Z is ideal. In fact the car regularly features in top 10 drift cars for beginners lists. That’s because they are front-engined with manual transmission and most importantly of all rear wheel drive.

That means this car loves to slide around those bends. It just needs you as driver to be shown how to do it. Get the set up into the corner just right in terms of which gear you’re in and your speed then with some skilled steering and throttle control you’ll be drifting that corner in style.

We are offering two drift session options for you. The Thrill gives you an idea of what drifting is all about with time behind the wheel to perfect your technique. The Half-day is the creme-de-la-creme with three separate driving sessions. There’s loads of time to get to grips with things like clipping zones handbrake skills and Scandinavian flicks and it’s run across three hours.

As well as the length of drive time we are offering these drifting experiences nationwide. We’ve got a several track venues lined up for you so there’s bound to be a place to go drifting that’s near you. What’s more you don’t have to specify on buying the voucher from us which location you want. Flexible fun and full of different options that’s our nationwide drifting for you!

Find out more and book your place today!