Nationwide Segway Blast

Launch yourself off on one of these two-wheeled wonders when you go on a Segway blast! These best-value deals give you a weekday taster of what it’s like to propel yourself on tracks and trails onboard these clever little personal transporters.

We have to say before actually riding one for ourselves we thought these Segways looked a little well geeky. But once you actually hop aboard one for yourself and give them a spin you’ll have to admit they are really good fun and you’ll have an absolute blast. Segways are also incredibly easy to control and a lot more stable than you imagine – and that’s all down to the fact that despite only having two wheels they are equipped with big fat tyres and all controlled by clever onboard wizardry.

To be honest we’re not sure how these glorious gadgets actually work but one thing’s for sure they are not just glorified electric bikes or scooters as the technology is a lot more advanced and subtle. It’s all about gyros and servos but there’s no need to actually understand the science behind it – just get ready for blast off on your Segway!

Before your tour starts your guide and leader will talk you through the basics of how to control the machines and run through a safety briefing with you. A little bit of a practice session (often in a coned area near to the meeting point for your tour) to get used to how it feels and you’ll be off. All the terrain around the venues varies but you’ll be heading up hills down dales and whizzing along tracks and trails on your specially adapted x2 off roading Segway.

Your Segway blast experience will last 30 minutes giving you plenty of time to have a good old bomb around on the x2 which will be ‘yours’ for the duration of the tour. We think these off peak Segway sessions offer a fabulous way for all novice Segway-ers to have an introduction to riding on these innovative electric-powered transporters. Get set get ready and blast off on your funky Segway at your choice of location from a selection across the UK.

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