Nationwide Segway Experiences

If you’re looking for Segway days out at venues the length and breadth of the country you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re going to be Segwaying solo or with a partner your day out is going to give you an hour of sensational Segway riding.

Back in the day when these Segway days originally landed on the Into the Blue new activity desk we had no idea what that were all about. Now we have a full range of popular venues from Kent to Edinburgh offering Segway rides all year round. We could waffle on about the physics of how they actually work but let’s leave the science and just go Segwaying instead!

So what does a day out spent on a Segway involve? Well first up you will be welcomed at the Events Pod by the Segway staff. As it’s probably the first time you’ll have ridden on one of these machines there’s a safety briefing and initiation session. In a cordoned off area you’ll be shown how to ride your very own Segway using the handlebar controls. Using the ‘Leansteer’ method you’ll find they are highly manoeuvrable and you can even turn them on their own axis to go spinning round and round on the spot.

All experiences use the x2 Segway which is a purpose-built model designed to be super-rugged and robust. Not only are the transporters especially equipped for off roading you will be too as all operators supply helmet knee and elbow pads on the day for each budding Segway pilot

Once everyone is feeling at ease you will head out on your trek. Depending on where you choose for your day out you could be Segwaying along the grounds of magnificent country houses over the rolling hills and dips of the countryside whizzing through dense forest trails or around tranquil lakes. And there are unique locations too. The Segway tour in Kent is around a Site of Special Scientific Interest at Mote Park whilst segwaying in Edinburgh sees you tackling the paths around a national treasure; Newhailes Estate.

These are just a couple of the many locations we are offering for these Segway days out. We also have a whole host of voucher options for you too including weekday deals for the best value and anytime packages for the most flexibility. 

We think Segways are a fantastic way of offering days out to discover the delights of the British countryside in all its green and peaceful glory. Book your Segway days out now and remember we’ve got Segways everywhere from Edinburgh to Kent so there’s bound to be a centre near you and there’s no need to pick your venue now you can do that when you reserve your date.

Find out more and book your place today!

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