Nissan 350z Drift Car Ride

On these thrilling drift rides you’ll discover why going sideways in a drift car is so much more fun than just going forwards! As a passenger riding shotgun in a Nissan 350Z with a pro at the wheel you’ll get to witness the first hand from inside the car just how crazy the sport of drifting is.

Quite possibly one of the finest motoring imports from Japan drifting is practically an art form and not just a type of competitive motor racing. It’s almost like a automotive ballet as the drifter deftly steers and then controls the throttle to hit the sweet spot and get the car linking side-sliding drifts around the entire track.

It looks pretty impressive watching from the pit lane so imagine what’s it’s like actually sitting up front alongside the professional drifter on these rides. Plenty of gas as you turn in and head for the first apex then it’s lock-to-lock stuff as you go sideways at speeds of up to 70mph with the tyres a screechin’ and a smokin’.

And this glorious display featuring you as the ‘co-pilot’ will continue for four deliciously drift-filled laps of the circuit here at Bovingdon Airfield.

When it comes to drift cars riding in this Nissan 350Z is about as cool as it gets. Compact front-engined and rear wheel drive it’s the ideal platform for perfecting that super styled-out drift technique. This particular car is fully modified ready to drift to give you that authentic drift car race ride feel.

Expect to be jolted and bumped as you swing from side to side on your drift ride. Watch in awe as the driver expertly throws the car into the corners at downright ridiculous speeds threading the steering wheel through their hands without even breaking out into a sweat. We can’t say the same for you sitting there in the passenger seat though. But then again what would a drift ride experience be like without a bit of teeth clenching?

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