Nissan 350Z Drifting Experience

This is Nissan 350Z drifting where you will be releasing your inner Drift King! Japanese drift expert Takaszhi’s weapon of choice in Fast & Furious’s Tokyo Drift was the 350z. And both driver and car certainly know how to drift. Now it’s your chance to learn how to drift in the almighty Nissan 350Z.

All sessions in the 350Z take place on the specially created drift circuit at Bovingdon Airfield. It’s that classic egg-timer shape of a circuit giving you the perfect blend of long sweeping corners and technical flick entries too. Get it right in the Nissan and you’ll be drifting like the D.K. himself.

Get it wrong and you’ll be stalling and spinning all over the shop but that’s why your here. With track-prepped 350Zs and equally well-prepared instructors you’re in excellent hands. Each of these experiences will soon teach you all the basics and with more seat time you’ll learn more it’s as simple as that.

All packages feature three sighting laps with an instructor at the helm so you can see the lay of the land. Then there’s a high-speed passenger ride too where your drifting guru will be taking you and the 350Z on a lap made up of entirely linked drift turns. Impressive.

The essence of these sessions is sharing the drift buzz with you. The first time you get the hang of power-overs you’ll be whooping for joy. As you start to feel how the 350Z rides you can balance the throttle through the slide and begin to nail those flicks. It takes concentration but it’s an amazing feeling totally exhilarating and pretty addictive too.

If you go for the gold package you can really nail this drifting game. You’ll come in at ever more extreme angles and faster speeds with the ultimate aim of linking several bends together on full opposite lock to pull off a classic and very styled out drift run.

Excellent coaching from drift pros top-notch on site facilities a track that’s ideal for learning and progressing on and one of the best modern drift cars for the job. This is why we think you’ll love Nissan 350z drifting with this lot!

Find out more and book your place today!

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