Off Road Driving in the Cotswolds

It’s a day out in the countryside with a difference when you go off roading in the Cotswolds! These experiences take place at the Cotswold Water Park where there are lots of natural and man-made obstacles for you to tackle in your 4×4 vehicle.

These sessions are run in small groups and each driver takes it in turn to drive. When you’re not at the wheel you’ll be in the car as a passenger. Your instructor will be hosting from the front passenger seat making sure you get the best out of these off road vehicles.

And it’s an iconic 4×4 at that. You’ll be tackling the tricky terrain at this site just south of Cirencester in a Land Rover Discovery. These trusty Landys are the workhorses of the countryside the world over. As home on safari in the Savannah as they are here in the Cotswolds you can’t do better than a Discovery. We can pretty much bet you’ll bottle it before the car ever does!

You’ll find this off road centre in amongst the 150 lakes that make up Cotswold Water Park. It’s picturesque and challenging making it a great place to try off roading whether you’re a complete beginner or already have some experience.

There’s a definite art to off road driving. Nothing is ever rushed and you often don’t even get out of first gear but when you’re faced with the off-camber scoop on the soft ground of Lakeside Ridge there’s plenty of adrenaline involved without the need for speed. Keep your speed up on Windrush Bank if you dare but there’s a steep drop on either side if you. Watch out for the trees when you negotiate Copse Gully and beware of losing traction on your way down from the Monstrous Molehills section!

This is off roading in the Cotswolds at its best. Sessions last for around three hours and you’ll be with up to two other drivers in your group. With lots of obstacles for all levels of driver a great car and superb in-car teaching there’ll be happy faces all round at this off roading centre near Cirencester.

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