Off Road in Market Harborough

The individual tuition offered at this midlands 4×4 centre near Market Harborough ensures you get maximum training time in mastering the art of 4×4 off road driving. This operator is actually one of our longest-serving supplier of 4×4 experiences and this Midlands venue is always popular with IntotheBlue clients.

Vince who owns and co-ordinates this centre is a font of knowledge for all things 4×4. He’s been running his Midlands-based venue for many years and has a huge depth of experience in all types of four wheel drive vehicles in all sorts of environments (and some of them pretty extreme). To give you an idea of the level of skill he has it’s Vince who actually teaches would-be 4×4 instructors.

So what can you expect when you head to the good old Midlands for your 4x4ing session?  You will be tackling some serious off-road terrain – ranging from open fields with purpose built challenges to varied woodland trails all spread over a couple of hundred acres of the Midland’s finest countryside around Rockingham Castle.

The experience starts with a safety briefing and then it’s your turn to take to the wheel. Typically you will be driving fully prepared Land Rover Defender 110s although there are usually other vehicle types available on the day as well. You will first be tackling the 4×4 ‘training ground’ at this fine Midlands venue – designed to give you an insight into some of the basic off-road conditions such as crossing ditches traversing side slips accelerating through mud and water and tackling 40 degree downhill slopes!

Then it’s onto what Vince and his team call the ‘White Knuckle Ride’ – where it’ll be water and mud up to the bonnet of your trusty 4×4 (don’t worry you’re not expected to wash the vehicles at the end of your experience!) as you drive through twisting turning tree-lined tracks towards the scarily-named ‘Death Valley’…we’ll leave you to discover that one!

If you want to be amazed in the Midlands by a 4×4 this is place to do it. By the end of your experience you will be amazed that you have just driven through terrain that previously you would have thought impassable and discovered the joys that can be had when driving at 5mph in fabulous four wheel drive vehicle.

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