Off Road in Sherwood Forest

4×4 How good is this 4×4 Sherwood Forest experience? Well if Robin Hood was still around he so would have ditched the horse for a Land Rover and we at Into the Blue think he would have signed up for this superb 4×4 off-roading session just north of Nottingham in his native Sherwood Forest. If you’re not in the area you can still find a 4×4 driving experience near to you by checking out our main off road section.

Quite simply the terrain for this 4×4 session in Sherwood Forest is impressive – surrounded by pine trees the tracks weave in and out of the forest just as you’d expect they would for any intrepid off roader.  But before you take to the wheel all drivers are given a safety briefing (and a cup of tea or coffee of course!).  Your instructor is with you throughout your experience and the session starts with a demonstration of driving technique by the instructor.

Then it’s your turn to step behind the wheel. Using a 4×4 such as the celebrated Land Rover Defender for it’s true purpose (one that doesn’t involve taking the kids to school or posing in Nottingham city centre) it’s a definite test of your off roading skill and concentration – it really is totally different driving a normal car with things like high and low gears and differentials all going on and the sort of terrain and obstacles you can conquer is all completely mind blowing and an adrenaline rush all at low speeds.

With the fully qualified (and very patient) instructor in the passenger seat at all times you will be guided through country paths with water pools steep inclines bumps rollers and ruts in your off roader. As you gain confidence Nottingham’s most famous forest awaits – complete with fallen tree trunks to drive over and even ‘Dave’s dodgy woodland trail’ to negotiate – mind those tree stumps that could put you somewhat off course!

Finally after your 4×4 experience out in the wilds of the forest of Sherwood  it’s back to base with the manmade technical park. Here you’ll negotiate some of the deepest water and steepest drops and climbs.  One minute all you can see is sky seconds later you feel like you’re nose diving into a lake!

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