Off Road in Wiltshire

Release the driving demon inside you with our torque-tingling experience behind the wheel of a 4×4 in Wiltshire. Aimed at drivers new to the thrill of handling a four-wheel drive this stunning off-road route simulates all the hazards you might expect on open ground – and some that you wouldn’t – making this is a great way to explore the full possibilities that 4×4 driving offers.

Set in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside at the Castle Combe Circuit our half-day 4×4 extravaganza will have you facing crazy climbs dizzying descents and watery challenges testing your motoring mettle to the limit. The custom-built course provides all of the fun that any off-roading session involves but combines it skilfully with developing driver awareness and confidence.

As a BORDA (British Off-Road Driving Association) accredited school the centre at Wiltshire certainly knows its stuff when it comes to 4x4ing. Their motor of choice is a Land Rover Discovery one of the most popular four-wheel drives ever manufactured and it’s as much in demand now as it was back in 1989 when it was first released both on and off the UK roads. These rough-and-ready vehicles are designed to cope with all kinds of terrain so they’re the ideal pick for the wet-and-wild conditions you’ll encounter at the Wiltshire grounds.

Following a welcome an introduction your driving instructor will take you through a car safety session before it’s into the driver’s seat for your first chunk of all-terrain tuition. After covering the use of the Land Rover’s differential locks as well as how to successfully negotiate log bridges and other nerve-wracking obstacles such as water pools and traverses you’ll finish your session in Wiltshire with a quick explanation of 4×4 driving etiquette before being presented with your personalised offroad course completion certificate.

The whole session lasts approximately three hours and is perfectly suited to novice off-roaders or newly qualified drivers to help develop their manoeuvring abilities. Up to three drivers are allowed per vehicle so this works equally well for a group of friends or a car-crazy couple on the hunt for off road adventure. If you’re looking for a weekend drive with a difference our 4×4 Wiltshire offering is hard to beat.

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