Off Road Nationwide

Have yourself a thrilling experience off roading around the UK! We’ve got a whole host of locations all over the country just ready and waiting for you to step aboard an off road vehicle and take it for a spin. And no it doesn’t matter if you’ve never driven an off road vehicle before as sessions are geared (excuse the pun!) to your driving ability.

In fact these off road half days offered at various UK locations are ideal for anyone wanting to gain experience and knowledge of the basic factors of driving 4×4 vehicles in demanding and exciting off-road environments. During your tuition you will learn all about the main principles of off-road driving and experience situations such as slopes ditches ruts mounds and lots of mud!

You will also be taught techniques that will enable you to tackle steep hill climbs recover from failed hill climbs and make safe descents.

The tuition offered at all UK venues included in this off roading offer ensures you get lots of training time to master the art of 4×4 driving. You will be tackling some outstanding off-road terrain – ranging from a disused sandstone quarry to acres of varied woodland terrain. If you prefer a more personal driving adventure then we have many one to one off road courses on our main off roading section.

The experience starts with a safety briefing and then it’s your turn to take to the wheel as you start off on a ‘training ground’ – designed to give you an insight into some of the basic off-road conditions; crossing ditches traversing side slopes accelerating through mud and water and tackling 40 degree downhill slopes!

Then it’s onto the ‘white knuckle’ stuff – water and mud up to the bonnet  (don’t worry you’re not expected to wash the vehicles at the end of your experience!) as you drive through twisting narrow terrain.  By the end of your experience no matter which UK off roading centre you chose you will be amazed that you have just driven through terrain that previously you would have thought impassable!

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