Off Roading for Two

Forget that old saying ‘horses for courses’ this is all about horsepower for off road courses when the two of you get to tackle the bumps and lumps in a 4×4 at Eastwell park! This 4×4 session for friends is all about sharing – and it’s up to you how you split the driving time.

You will both be in the 4×4 for the duration of the session. Your expert instructor and host will be sitting up front in the passenger seat acting as font of all off-roading knowledge tour guide and source of many an anecdote and amusing tale. As for who’s driving and who is playing back seat 4×4 driver? Well that’s for the two friends to decide between them.

Most pairs choose to mix and match swapping over drivers fairly regularly so you can both try the best of this purpose-built 4×4 course. One thing that always happens is that on arriving at the site most novice 4×4 drivers declare: “There’s no way I’ll be able to drive over that!” when they see the daunting course but by the end of these experiences you’ll be pretty much conquering it all like a seasoned off-roading pro.

So to tackle the technical stuff you’ll need the right machine for the job. Lucky then that this set up has a rafter nifty duo of vehicles ready and waiting. There’s the big shiny Land Rover Discovery and the bright white Toyota HiLux. Both are proper 4x4s that do serious all-terrain work – not cruising the streets of Chelsea as expensive shopping baskets!

Of course after a few rounds of mud dust and water with the two of you at the helm we can safely say the 4x4s will be absolutely covered in grime. Interestingly the instructors have a tendency to drive with the windows rolled down…surely won’t the water come in when you hit those troughs sloshing muddy water up to the door handles?

A highlight of this session of 4x4ing for friends has to be when you egg each other on over the steep side slope. Instinct tells you to grab hold of the interior roof when you feel yourselves and the vehicle leaning dramatically to one side but your instructor will be reminding you it’s both hands on the wheel!

These off roading for two vouchers are offered as a one two or three hour experience. If you plump for the longer sessions you will both tackle the obstacle course before having time to whizz off to try a nice bit of green laneing too (that’s where you head off on rough tracks and trails across the countryside).

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