Off Roading in Nottingham

There’s room for everyone in this 4×4 in Nottinghamshire! The beauty of these 4×4 off roading sessions at this north Nottingham venue is that you can fill the car. Be it a 30-minute taster or a much longer mission into the off-road world you can have up to three friends or family members with you as passengers.

What’s great is that you’re effectively booking the whole car so you can hog the steering wheel for the total duration yourself or share driving time with your invited guests (only time for one to share on the taster session). And as it all takes place at a private off road centre near Nottingham it means you don’t need a driving licence so teens as young as 15 can have a go.

We think the whole set up in Nottingham makes it perfect for off road events – and especially ones orientated towards families and small groups. The focus is very much on fun in the 4x4s and letting you discover just what these vehicles (and you!) are capable of. There are over 40 acres of Nottinghamshire countryside to explore with various natural and man-made obstacles as you go.

In fact if you look down on this site from the air it looks like a mad labyrinth of twisting trails and routes that duck in and out of the woods up and down hills and all over the place. Plenty to keep even the most seasoned off roader occupied so no-one’s going to be bored at any point with highlights including the mud dips and the see-saw to name just a couple.

As for the cars this Nottingham-based 4×4 team has chosen the very best. The Land Rover Discovery needs no introduction. Rugged powerful and downright hungry for those tricky off-road moments. They are the true workhorses of the countryside and you’ll see them trundling around farms all over these parts. Come rain sun or snow the trusty Landy Disco won’t let you down!

It’s also worth noting that there are both manual and automatic Discoverys available for these experiences so even those with little or no driving experience on public roads will be able to have a go. And even children can enjoy the ride as a passenger as long as you bring and install the appropriate booster/child seat. As you can see going 4x4ing in Nottinghamshire gives you an exclusive experience that you can share!

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