Optimus Prime Truck Driving

‘Autobots…Roll out!’ the Optimus Prime truck driving experience is now here! This Transformers truck driving extravaganza takes place at a race track near you and gives you the chance to pilot a behemoth of an American truck that has an uncanny resemblance to Optimus Prime when he’s in vehicle mode.

Optimus Prime is the enigmatic and inspirational leader of the Autobots. He’s a brilliant tactician and a shrewd decision-maker as well as possessing superb leadership qualifies and displaying incredible martial arts skills. Not bad for a giant-sized truck with a fancy paint job!

Throughout the live action Transformers films he’s been portrayed by several different rigs. Apart from the first generation Optimus Prime who was a short-nose Wentworth he has always been an impressive long-nose truck. In Transformers Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon he was a Peterbilt 379.

The Optimus Prime-a-like you’ll be driving is indeed a celebrated Peterbilt 379 complete with gleaming chrome everywhere on the cab that distinctive aggressive grille and the obligatory long nose bonnet. And of course he’s dressed for serious Decepticon-fighting Autobot business with that wonderful flame-inspired metallic livery just like in the live-action Transformer films you know and love.

Inside the high-rise cab it’s all pretty spacious. In America the 3 series from Texas-based Peterbilt is still very much the truck of choice for owner-operator hauliers and some of the interiors are seriously impressive. Rather than transforming into an Autobot many are decked out to be comfortable living spaces complete with integrated TVs microwaves and fold down tables. All very civilised if you’re away for days at a time driving on the ice trucking routes of the Northwest Territories in that 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker style.

Our Optimus Prime truck driving sessions give you the chance to take a 600bhp 18-gear (!) Peterbilt 379 for a spin around your choice of circuit from several around the UK. With a typical Transformers-style war cry of ‘Charge!’ it’s time for you to lead the next Autobot offensive at the wheel of this American beauty. 

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