Owl Encounter Derbyshire

Get up close to the gorgeous owls with this Owl Encounter in Derbyshire! This centre surrounded by East Midlands countryside is actually part of the expansive Risley Garden Centre estate where there’s always lots going on for all the family to enjoy together.

The aviaries here at Risley are not ordinarily open to the public so you will be taking part in an exclusive owl experience that gives you a real ‘behind the scenes’ look at what goes on. You’ll also get to fly several owls over the lovely Derbyshire countryside – and if you’ve never done that before it truly is a thrilling moment to savour.

Experienced falconer Ben and his wife Lisa look after the owls at this centre in the heart of the Shires and they will only be too pleased to introduce you to their beautiful owls. You’ll get to meet the likes of Archie the Barn Owl with his stunning mottled brown feathers and Smirnoff everyone’s favourite cuter than cute Snowy Owl. Make sure you bring your camera to catch these very photogenic owls on camera as the experience includes plenty of photo opportunities.

The owl encounter in Derbyshire lasts around two hours giving you loads of time to meet the owls and delight in learning more about their lifestyles. This also includes the chance to get hands on to experience the thrill of having an owl fly and land on your gloved hand. A truly lovely outdoor experience for all ages from just seven years old. So go on get the family together and book in for a fab owl experience at Risley!

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Owl Encounter Derbyshire
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