Owl Experience East Sussex

You’ll have an absolute hoot on this Owl Experience in East Sussex! Imagine being surrounded by a whole collection of gorgeous fluffy owls and being shown just how to handle and fly these much loved birds? That’s what this experience is all about and it’s all done on a private booking basis too.

Indeed although the resident owls here in East Sussex participate in regular indoor and outdoor shows at this adventure centre these two hour morning sessions are exclusive to you. You can fly solo or buy a voucher for two three or four of you to enjoy the full handling and flying experience all together with up to two non-participating spectators accompanying you. It’s perfect for families too with the minimum age just eight years old.

On these experiences you’ll learn a lot from the dedicated owl sanctuary staff Chris and Owen. For example you’ll learn how in winter the owls are given more food to compensate for the loss of body heat in cold weather. And if you thought all owls ‘hooted’ then think again. On this East Sussex experience you’ll soon find out it’s not quite that simple. Tawny Owls hoot that famous ‘twit twoo’ whereas Barn Owls like the magnificent Gandalf kind of shriek and hiss whilst Boris the Indian Eagle Owl make a noise not unlike a small dog barking. It’s all fascinating stuff and this experience gives you plenty of time to learn lots about owls.

During your exclusive two hours there will be plenty of time to meet the likes of Mufasa the cute Southern White-faced Owl and a very wise-looking Zeus the Great Eagle Owl with his distinctive facial markings. And not forgetting Mumble the elegant Eagle Owl who never fails to amaze with his silent flight and light weight despite his impressive wingspan.

One great thing about owl experiences at this East Sussex centre is that weather won’t stop play. There’s an indoor and a very nice outdoor arena so the owls can fly train and exercise whatever the weather. As it’s just you on the session you will have plenty of time to have a go at handling and flying these fantastic birds too so not only is the experience informative and fun it’s very much hands on too.

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