Own Car Track Day at Three Sisters Circuit

Experience the thrill of driving your own car on a Three Sisters track day! This famous professional race circuit near Wigan opens its doors so you can take part in a track day in your own car. This is your chance to really test the capabilities of your car and your driving.

The idea of these own car track days at Three Sisters is to open up driving your road car or track car around a circuit with separate groups for novices road cars and track cars. No pressure certainly no racing and a relaxed atmosphere is conducive to learning all about the art of track craft.

And no you don’t need a fancy pants sports car for these track day events. Far from it in fact. As long as your car is in good roadworthy condition with fully working seatbelts you can take it onto the track. You’ll also need to pass a static noise test where the limit is 105db(A) – a standard road/track car will have no problem with this.

After that it’s over to you to see what you and your trusty car can do. With so much traffic on the roads and speed cameras everywhere you can’t deny it’s tempting to be able to open up the throttle and drive fast – and all done in a safe and controlled environment.

Don’t worry if you’ve never driven on a track before let alone taken your own car out there. The circuit is marked out with cones to show you braking points turn-in points and the apex of the bends. All drivers are divided into groups according to ability/type of car so that you’ll be out on the track with drivers of a similar level for your seven x 15-minute sessions spread throughout the day.

You’ll need a full-face helmet to take part in these track days and these can be hired from Three Sisters (along with a balaclava which can be bought). You can also pay locally for extras such as in-car coaching and driver technique classroom training. You can even take a passenger with you to experience the thrills of driving around the circuit.

So whether you’re out there in your classic Mini Cooper a track car or putting your newly acquired Ford Focus to the test this is a unique chance for you to drive your own car in a very special setting. If you’ve always fancied the idea of ‘seeing what your car can do’ these Three Sisters track days are the perfect opportunity to give track driving a go!

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