Paintball for Kids

Young gunz go for it – this is all about paintball for kids only at venues nationwide! Of course the main priority here at these paintball parties just for teens is safety and your little ones will be supervised at all times but that doesn’t mean they won’t be having some serious fun as go dashing around the forest shootin’ ’em up!

Before the junior paintballers can gain access to the inner sanctum of base camp it’s registration time. Once all the paperwork is complete it’s time to say goodbye to the ‘rents. The young conscripts will then gather around the main arena to listen to the all important brief from the centre manager. This is serious stuff and to make sure juniors are all paying attention senior marshals will be patrolling the enclose to make sure none of the new recruits are slacking…

Next up is getting kitted out for the paintball warfare. Everyone knows you’ll get splattered to bits so your ninja suit is just the thing to cover your clothes. Players are issued with full face protection including goggles to complete the look and then you’re ready to go into battle. Hunting down the enemy with splodges of paint they’re sure to have a ball.

Leaving base camp children will be led to the gun zone. This is a secure area of the compound where there are racks and racks of the latest semi-automatic machine guns that boast rapid fire. So now with the right gun in hand and 100 paint pellets to start them off the junior paintballers are ready for action.

With each team wearing coloured armbands it’ll be easy for all children to spot whether they’re faced with a friend or foe. Running around the forested play zones is exhilarating exciting and downright exhausting but totally cool too. Junior paintball fans will be treated to up to 14 different challenges and games throughout the course of this very full day of paint balling so you know your kids will be getting maximum fun.

If you’re looking for paintball for kids in a safe secure and well-run environment we can highly recommend these junior paintball parties where everything is organised for you. All you have to do is wait for your child to get a posse together (this paintballing is for groups of four to 24 kids) and then let them loose in the wilds of the paintball centre.

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