Palm Court Tea for Two

Afternoon Tea in Mayfair by Eric Lanlard is a decadent affair with a stunning melange of sweet an savoury offerings served with the most delicious scones and an astonishing variety of loose leaf teas all served in the exquisite lounge of a top London hotel. And if you fancy the creme de la creme why not indulge in the Champagne option for more fizz to your afternoon?

Enjoy 1930s glamour on tap when you shimmy your way into the glittering Palm Court lounge and bar within the stylish Park Lane Hotel in the heart of upmarket Mayfair. Not only is your afternoon tea at one of the capital’s classiest five star establishments it boasts a really very special menu from Eric Lanlard and his team. Known for his TV series ‘Glamour Puds’ and ‘Baking Mad’ Eric is a highly trained award-winning French patissier – and it shows. It’s a true visual feast but also a taste sensation. This is a tea time treat that is deservedly full of superlatives.

Just take a look at this majestic Mayfair tea menu. It’s a veritable ‘edible travelogue’ as you eat delicate dishes from around the world. Where else would you get to savour a pistachio financier with a sweet Persian rose nectar? How else could you describe the Peruvian dark chocolate mousse other than ‘sheer heaven’? And as expected considering Eric’s French routes Gallic flavours also feature with the brioche mini rolls with egg creme fraiche. We can’t begin to tell you how tantalisingly it looks and tastes. And all this from the man who made Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s wedding cake as well as the Queen Mum’s 101st birthday cake.

And then there’s the setting for this Mayfair tea; the beautiful Palm Court. Beautifully restored to its Art Deco glory it creates that perfect ambiance for the afternoon as you sip tea in this finest of Mayfair hotels that has been used in television and film productions of the likes of Brideshead Revisited The House of Eliott and Upstairs Downstairs.

As for beverages this place certainly puts the ‘tea’ in afternoon tea! The Mayfair hotel boasts an astounding range of loose leaf varieties – six traditional teas six herbal infusions and seven oriental teas (including Jasmine Pearl and Russian) making the task of choosing just one virtually impossible. If you choose the Champagne tea you will also be served a flute of Mumm Special Brut Champagne as the perfect fizz to your afternoon.

Ideal as a light lunch or late-afternoon snack this time you can have your cake sandwiches and scones – and eat them all. After an afternoon tea at Mayfair’s elegant Palm Court coming straight from the creative baking brilliance that is Eric Lanlard a simple brew and a slice of Battenburg at home will never be the same again!

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