Parachuting in Devon

Dunkeswell skydive experiences – jump from 7 000 or 10 000ft! We think doing a tandem skydive at this Devon drop zone is the best way to experience this thrilling extreme sport without actually having to learn how as you are strapped to an instructor for the entire duration of your jump.

This skydive site near Exeter in Devon has been associated with parachuting since 1964 and is ideally located to cater for budding sky divers from all over the south west. This jump zone is renowned for being one of the most scenic drop zones in the country giving you Devonshire coastline views of both the Bristol and English Channels.

On the big day of your skydive at Dunkeswell you’ll have a full safety briefing on the ground and you’ll be fitted out in your jumpsuit headgear goggles gloves and harness ready to get airborne.

The Super Cessna Caravan aircraft taking you up is deemed to be one of the fastest and most comfortable jump planes in the world transporting you up to your jump altitude in minutes. Safely attached to your instructor who is your ‘other half’ for the duration of your tandem jump it’s time to move towards that open aircraft door…

Then suddenly you vaguely hear the call ‘GO!’ and you’re exiting the plane. From then on it really is go go go all the way. Freefalling is the most adrenaline pumping moment of your life. When the canopy opens it all slows down so enjoy the aerial views of Devon during the parachute ride down – it’s the skydiver’s privilege after all! Whilst you are up in the air there will also be an opportunity for you to assist with the steering of the chute.

So for all you wannabe skydivers this Dunkeswell skydive school is the place to jump and you choose either 7000ft or 10 00ft. Remember you won’t find another drop zone that provides such amazing views over Devon. So if you have the guts get going and experience the freefall madness of a skydive in the Devon skies.

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