Our parkour training classes will see you leaping climbing and jumping all over the place busting some fluid and impressive urban moves! Under the skilled teaching of leading parkouring athlete Kyle Perkins you’ll get to grips with all the classic moves during these exclusive just for you one-to-one free running classes.

The discipline was pioneered by Frenchman David Belle and combined with freerunning creator Sebastien Foucan the sport has really taken hold in the UK too with ‘traceurs’ (as parkourers are called) practising their freestyle gymnastics over the country in this highly urbanised sport. Teaching parkour initially developed from military obstacle course training and has become globally popular with carefully choreographed free running chase scenes the highlight of many a Hollywood action film.

Parkouring is not only a brilliant way to get over around and land beyond obstacles it also exercises pretty much every muscle in your body strengthening your core and improving your overall cardio. Of course you’ll need to be reasonably fit to enjoy free running and classes are a superb way to getting active and doing something that is just down right cool whatever age you are!

Your coach Kyle who has won awards and appeared at endless demonstrations and shows loves parkouring and is passionate about imparting his skills to others. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves when one parkouring student commented: ‘He’s a sound lad’.  Through his fun and action-packed parkour classes at various venues in and around Devon so you are sure to learn a lot and improve your overall fitness thanks to the safe and structured training offered by Kyle

Signing up for a one to one parkour training session is sure to leave you with a different perspective on the usual inner city landscape as you ‘use’ the objects. A park bench is no longer something you sit on it is an obstacle to leap over – two feet first! The great thing about parkour is that all you need is your own legs and unlike other freestyle sports you won’t need be needing any expensive gear just a decent pair of shoes and away you go free running!

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