Paul Swift Ultimate Stunt Driving Experience

Be part of the Ultimate Stunt Drive and experience what it’s like to be able to pull off crazy car tricks! Top precision driver Paul Swift’s team of expert drivers will be hosting this full on day on the tarmac where you learn stunt driving moves from the professionals.

Remember the Audi A1 swimming pool advert where the cars are doing a graceful dance? That was Paul Swift and co. Remember those clever World Cup football adverts back in 2010? They were all down to Paul too. This Guinness World Record holding stunt driver is one of the best trick and performance drivers in the world and a totally affable guy too so you’re sure to love this day of ultimate stunt driving.

You’ll be learning stunts in a trio of cars lined up for these ultimate experiences. The Ford Focus RS is perfect for learning those nifty handbrake turn techniques. It sounds easy – drive keep your foot off the brake turn in and then pull the handbrake making the rear wheels instantly lock up and the car slides round. What could be more simple? Well just wait until you try it and you’ll see it takes some serious coordination to achieve the perfect turn.

You’ll then spend some RS time attempting parallel parking with style. We just can’t imagine how many times track assistants have to put cones back into place after the many hapless attempts most drivers make before they crack it. But it is the ultimate stunt driving fun.

Then it’s time for J turns in a Fiesta ST. This is that classic reverse spin that conveniently gets any driver out of that classic ambush situation. This stunt is the opposite of the handbrake turn in that the aim is to lock the front wheels up rather than the rear ones. The ultimate finish to this move is to be able to drive off rapidly in the other direction – let’s see if you can master it!

To round off this ultimate stunt drive experience you’ll be invited to take part in the auto test challenge in the ultimate stunt car – a behemoth of a yellow Mustang nicknamed the Custard Donut. The bespoke autotest circuit has been specially laid out with different challenges that you do in one (hopefully) non-stop non-stall lap to see where you as a newbie stunt driver come on the leaderboard.

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