Peggy Sue Pin Up Photoshoot

This is Peggy Sue-styled pin up photography at its best! When it comes to iconic looks the 1950s is hard to beat. This Peggy Sue makeover shoot lets you step straight back to 1957 when Buddy Holly’s hits were rocking radios right across the US of A.

For girls and boys living their young years in the 50s their idols were Buddy Holly Elvis Little Richard and Chuck Berry. They watched stars like James Dean Fonzi Audrey Hepburn and Liz Taylor at the flicks and on that new-fangled thing called the television.

This is also where much of the inspiration for 50s hairstyles and makeup came from. The fluffy kiss curls of the ‘Italian cut’ the high-pony tail and short fringe of the Beat Girl look the bubble cut and the poodle cut all became popular.

For your retro pin up photoshoot you’ll be coiffed in a classic 1950s style have that smokey-eyed makeup applied that’s so synonymous with the decade and try out some of the Americano fashion looks too from bobby sox and polka dot poodle skirts to headscarves and sweater sets.

Having enjoyed your 1950s makeover and now looking like a vintage pin up diner girl it’s time to step in front of the camera. There’ll even be a selection of 1950s props and backdrops (think everything from bakelite telephones and hairdryers to open-top motoring looks and dance hall nights!) to make your photoshoot authentically retro.

The 1950s was the age when the teenager was defined. You were allowed to love music and dancing. You experimented with hair styles makeup and clothes. These pin up photography sessions do the same albeit several decades later and they’re great fun.

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