Photoshoot for Him

Photoshoots for him. Ever dreamed of seeing yourself immortalised in a smouldering sports magazine photoshoot? This photoshoot is just for men tailored to capture your inner hunk in a stylish and confidence-boosting session. In collaboration with your photographer you can create anything from classic fitness portraits to edgier black and white bare-chested images lit to accentuate the toning you’ve worked so hard on.

The photographic studio is transformed into a cool urban-style setting and lights are used to maximum effect to make the boys glow in the glory of having all the attention. As for what style you go for well it’s totally up to you. A lot of men like to get suited and booted for that tailored Forbes look other guys prefer the smouldering underwear look (think Calvin Klein’s for a fitness-style GQ vibe).

In fact all boys are very welcome to bring their own props so if you’ve got a favourite football kit rugby shirt or even cricket whites for that classic English gent look go for it! All participants will be asked to bring along around three different outfits so try a mix of all styles – there’s time for you to get changed throughout the photoshoot.

What’s more these photoshoots are not just a case of turning up and getting snapped. You get to have a pre-shoot male grooming session to look most handsome in front of the lens.

Many buy these photoshoots for the man in their life as a pre-wedding present or simply because they want to capture everything that they love about him in a stunning professionally-taken photograph – and let’s face it us amateurs just don’t get the same results!

Whether this photoshoot for him is to just capture all that makes him special or it’s to actually start making up a proper portfolio of shots these photoshoots are all professionally undertaken. We have studios located around the country offering these male-only experiences. So what are you waiting for boys? Get ready to strike a pose!

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