Pig Keeping Course

Get piggy with it on a pig keeping course in East Sussex! Whether you’re thinking about keeping pigs or you just love pigs these one-day courses on a working farm between Battle and Bexhill are totally for you.

These pig-tastic experiences are hosted by farmer Ben de Havilland. He rears rare-breed pigs to supply his street food business as well as local restaurants and individual customers too. Anyone who has eaten his pork products knows that his meat is of the highest quality and the reason is simple: happy pigs!

The first question you’ll probably have about keeping pigs in your garden or smallholding is ‘how much space do I need?’. This will be covered by Ben along with legal and health side of things so you know where you stand if you fancy having pigs as pets or for their meat.

There’ll also be plenty of time spent with the pigs in their pen. You’ll find out how your organic waste will be a feast for your pigs and what else they need for a balanced diet. You’ll chat about which breeds are best for which purpose. Where they live will also be covered from what you need to do about fencing to providing shelter for your pigs. And then there’s question of what happens next…

Yep Percy the Pig may very well end up as sausages. Ben will give you lots of advice on preparing your pig for the abattoir. The thing to remember here is that your pig was as happy as a pig in the proverbial and the meat is sustainable and without doubt tastier than anything you could buy in a supermarket with the advantage that you know exactly where it came from.

These pig keeping courses in East Sussex are all about rearing your own pigs in a wholesome sustainable way. It could be part of your plan to be more self-sufficient or simply that you’ve always wanted to keep a pig as a pet. Ben will talk you through the trials and tribulations of keeping pigs in a fun and informative way. Just remember to bring your wellies you’re going into the pigsty!

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