Platinum Lamborghini Thrill

Enjoy the full force of Italian performance driving with this line up that includes the best of the best (or il meglio del meglio as they say in Italian) Lamborghini cars out there today. This Platinum Lamborghini experience certainly has that full-on multimillionaire feel! 

With this driving thrill you hop into the driver’s seat of a very nifty Lambo and head out for six driving miles. We think there’s going to be lots of amore out there for these drives!

So why is this called the Platinum Lamborghini drive? Well it’s because the most coveted and downright gorgeous Lambos are lined up for these epic track driving days. Every season the fleet is reviewed and very often renewed so there are no ropey or tired old motors around these parts they are all in tip-top showroom condition.

Just imagine yourself waiting your turn trackside watching those fine specimens of Italian car manufacturing accelerating around the circuit. Lamborghinis are synonymous with incredible amounts of horsepower (usually integrated into the car’s name such as the LP560 for 560bhp). And incidentally the ‘LP’ bit of the name Lamborghini so often uses is for Longitudinale Posteriorie meaning the engine is lengthways behind you.

Add to that ‘Iniezione Diretta Stratificata’ (that’s direct fuel injection to the rest of us) and you’ve got yourself a collection of cars that’ll all happily do 0-62mph in 4 seconds. Some Lamborghinis even now have a fancy Thrust Mode launch control too – which might well come in useful on these Platinum experiences for extra speedy drive-offs minus the wheel-spinning!

Indeed for this Platinum selection the Lamborghinis are all about aggressive looks with large front spoilers huge air intake dimensions and big fat beefy- sounding exhausts all finished off with extra glam touches like the LED rear lights. Surely every Lamborghini is truly a driver’s dream car?

We can’t tell you in advance of your Platinum Lamborghini drive which cars will be at the track on the day you’re booked in but whichever Lambo you get to drive you know it is going to be fast and a massive load of Italian-style driving fun. Bring on the supercars and get ready to put that foot of yours to the metal for six delicious miles at the circuit of your choice.

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