Platinum Supercar Choice

Let us introduce you to our Platinum experience featuring a plethora of top spec supercars! This is the creme de la creme the best of the best with the world’s finest and most-coveted cars all lined up in the pit lane ready to be driven by you.

Each and every one of these vehicles is resolutely top of the range. In each case horsepower is well into triple figures torque is touching on ridiculous proportions and as for acceleration well let’s just say you’d definitely be first away from the traffic lights in all of them if you were out on the public roads.

No fear of congestion or queues here though as you have an excellent range of top-notch track venues to choose around the country for your drive in one of these seriously pricey vehicles. And of course whilst the cars are indeed pretty precious (and you will be a little in awe of them to begin with) you will still be encouraged to ‘give it some’ so you can test that all-important power.

Whilst all the motors are superb one is bound to be crowned the king of supercars by you. Will it be the sleek lines of the Italian contingent? Then there’s the McLaren which comes straight out of the F1 stable and easily reaches the upper echelons of the supercar pecking order.

No matter which one of these high-specifications car you get to drive it’s sure to be a top day out. Instruction from professional drivers is sure to up your game when it comes to handling these fabulous supercars on the track with the aim of keeping the speed up but controlling it smoothly and evenly through the corners and chicanes.

All in all top spec spercars mixed with high-end track venues and excellent teaching makes for an intoxicatingly good motoring experience. This is like having all the fancy garages of Park Lane deliver their best supercars all on the same day to the same place – a rare opportunity that should be grabbed with both hands (on the steering wheel!).

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