Porsche Boxster S Racing Experience

Discover this Martini-styled pocket rocket on this Porsche Boxster race car experience! The Boxster is the brilliant little rear-wheel drive convertible from Porsche that packs a serious punch out on the race track. It’s a two-door two-seater convertible Porsche with that legendary flat 6 engine all finished off with classic Martini racing stripes…what more could you ask for?

Yep this Porsche harks back to the halcyon days of Porsche racing in the iconic Martini colours. The cars were always sparkling white with those distinctive blue back and red stripes sweeping sportily over the bonnet. It has been said that the two icons of Porsche and Martini combined to make on great partnership. And winning the Le Mans three times and endless other races too we think they might be right.

The Boxster is the most compact of the Porsches. On the motorway you might feel a bit sandwiched in between all the big lorries and bulky SUVs. But put the Boxster on the circuit and this Porsche becomes a true race car especially when it’s a Boxster S like the one you’ll be driving!

This racing prowess comes partly because the Boxster is rear wheel drive. And unlike other RWD cars that are usually big heavy saloons the Porsche is incredibly nimble. It also has superbly thought out weight distribution. Add to this the 3.4l boxer engine and 306bhp and you’ve got yourself a hugely fun car all wrapped up in cool Martini Racing decals.

F1 Le Mans touring car rallying and even power boating in the heyday of Martini Racing the brand had it all. This Porsche Boxster race car marks those legendary days of motor racing proudly sporting those iconic Martini colours. If your track day happens to be a good weather day you can have the extra fun factor of racing around the track with the top down. How cool is that? 

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Porsche Boxster S Racing Experience
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