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Private Family Bike Tours | The Real Britain Company

Private Family Bike Tours

Get the little and the long legs pedalling on these family bike tours! London might not the be the immediate choice for a family cycling trip but thanks to the East-West Cycle Superhighway and your highly knowledgeable guide it’s now a very pleasant way to tour the capital on two wheels.

These private cycle tours of London have been specifically designed with families in mind. You can bring really little people from just 18 months old in child bike seats whilst mini riders who are confident on children’s bikes without stabilisers can ride themselves. And yes bikes and helmets are included in the price of these guided family bike trips.

Being offered on an exclusive basis means you can go at your family’s pace stopping for selfies a little sit down or a play. And of course there’s plenty of time for coffees for the grown ups and ice creams for the kiddies too. The advantage of having your own private guide is that they know the route really well so you don’t have all the faff of stopping to check maps working out where you are and which way you’re supposed to be going.

And not only that in between a gently-paced bit of pedalling you’ll be treated to fascinating facts figures and anecdotes by your private tour guide. That means your London biking tour is educational for all the family as well as great exercise!

So just let them take the lead as you head off from base at Gabriel’s Wharf. After admiring the Thames from the South Bank you cross Blackfriar’s Bridge – your first taste of a cycle superhighway. Once on the Embankment it’s westwards we go in the direction of Westminster to the turn around point a Green Park. This is on the famous East-West part of the cycling superhighway and it’s rather fine. What makes it different to any other cycle lane? Well it’s not just a painted line in the road it’s completely separate from the cars and buses so it feels safe.

The great thing about the family bike tours is that the itinerary has been specifically designed to use these wide two way routes made just for bicycles to the maximum. You’ll find about 80% of the tour is like that with the other 20% on little-used paths and roads. Who’d have though you could ride all the way from Blackfriars to the Queen’s big house on a superhighway for bikes? 

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