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Prodrive Subaru Rally | The Real Britain Company

Prodrive Subaru Rally

A car that needs no introduction – the Subaru Impreza. Prodrive took this Japanese road and rally machine and made it even more of a beast. Now there’s one residing in Essex ready for your Subaru rally experience. We think it’s time you hot-footed it to Saffron Walden to learn some ‘sick skills’ as the boys in charge say…

The Prodrive Subaru you’ll be driving is Tom’s pride and joy. Tom is lead instructor and manager at this rally school and he knows a thing or two when it comes to taming the Subaru Impreza. He raced a TEG motorsport Scooby in the British Rally Championships and when he’s not competing the young champ loves nothing better than ‘scaring passengers witless’ in his Subaru rally car on this Essex track!

And when he’s not doing that he along with his dedicated team of instructors will be in the passenger seat assisting you as you drive the Prodrive Subaru. This is all wheel drive greatness in what is essentially a fairly sensible family car. But this rally version chucks all mod cons and refinements out of the window to give you two FIA standard rally seats and a huge roll cage behind you and not much else. But then you don’t need much else when it comes to rallying in a Scooby.

The 300bhp horizontal engine is a sheer joy. A low sense of gravity and that all wheel drive technology means this car is perfectly balanced. Traction and handling is a dream – throw it into a tight corner and it just sticks. Like sushi rice. This really is Japanese motoring at its very best. No wonder the Prodrive Subaru rally team was so so successful in the World Rally Championships – and hundreds of other rally series around the world besides.

This car brings world class rally breeding to Essex. The Subaru Impreza from Prodrive just loves the loose gravel surface and the car seems to almost skim the surface so be prepared to feel a little ‘bounced’ in the car. And prepare for reaching speeds of up to 100mph if you go for the add-on white knuckle passenger ride too. Noisy grippy bouncy and fast. You gotta love the Prodrive Scooby.

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