Raccoon Experience for Two

On this Raccoon experience in Shropshire you’ll be meeting loads of fabulous furry friends! Taking place at Hoo Farm near Telford you’ll spend an hour with one of the fully-trained animal keepers exploring behind the enclosures at this much-loved family zoo park.

Suitable for all ages from 10 years old you’ll form a small group of four for these Raccoon experiences. Your host will show you around giving you the chance to get up close to some lovely animals. You’ll learn lots get to feed and pet some gorgeous creatures too.

The star attraction is undoubtedly Little Bear the Raccoon. For Marvel fans it’s all about Rocket Raccoon but do you know what they like to eat? With their dextrous front paws Raccoons can easily manipulate foods. From crunchy walnuts and acorns to tasty fish and eggs all washed down with some insects and worms Raccoons have a really varied diet and they simply eat what’s available and in season – as you get to find out when you hand feed Little Bear. And he might even let you give him a little friendly stroke too!

On this Raccoon experience you’ll also meet lots of Little Bear’s fellow housemates. Confusingly the Raccoon Dogs you’ll be hand feeding are actually related to foxes rather than Raccoons like Little Bear but these adorable tree-climbing creatures do have similar facial features hence the name.

The neighbouring Coatis are fascinating to look at with their long noses and tails. They can be a little unpredictable so you’ll be feeding them through the enclosure but you still get up really really close to them. The Striped Skunks on the other hand just adore the attention. They’re nearly always up for a cuddle. They share an enclosure with the Virginia Possum the only one resident in a zoo in the whole of the country and he is utterly enchanting.

A great gift to give for families we think the Raccoon experience at Shropshire’s Hoo Farm is a superb day out for all ages. You’ll get to visit areas not normally open to the general public and hand feed adorable animals too.

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