Race Car Passenger Experience

Scare yourself silly on a ride in a race car! On these race cars rides you don’t just drive off from the pit lane – you get launched. Each and every one of the cars lined up for these hot rides is guaranteed to get the g-forces going as you experience the sensational acceleration of these racing cars.

Passenger laps in bonafide race cars is a hard thing to describe. Unless you’ve experienced open wheel racing for yourself you just can’t begin to imagine the power being driven to the wheels. This is what the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg encounter day in day out on the race track. And even though you’re solidly strapped in to your passenger seat the sheer force of the car’s speed will have you pushed firmly back into your racing seat.

But that’s just the beginning of your race car passenger ride. Just as your eyes are getting back to focusing at high speed you are fast approaching the first serious hairpin bend. Even a limited knowledge of physics will tell you that it shouldn’t be possible to come into such a corner at this sort of speed. Surely it’s time to brake isn’t it? No? It might be time to shut your eyes tight…

…somehow you come out of the corner and amazingly you’re accelerating even more. The expert driver in the hot seat is pushing the race car to its limits but is resolutely in control at all times. As you seemingly reach hyper speed see if you look over to see the rev counter dance on that 7000rpm line as the track is being worked within an inch of its racing line.

And what a choice of cars for these hot laps. All fall into the road race car category that’s to say they have racing car performance but are all actually road legal too. It has to be said whilst riding as a passenger in one of these motors would be fun out on the open road nothing beats the sensation of taking one of these cars out on the circuit where they can be really showed off.

You might spend the vast majority of your ride in a race car with your teeth firmly clenched but rest assured the driver at the helm of the race car remains cool calm and collected as you tear round the track for four thrilling laps as a passenger.

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