Radical Passenger Rides

Co-pilot a Radical Race Car on these high thrills passenger rides! These two seater Radical SR3 series cars really do look the business on track – low lying open cockpit and full body trim – and you’ll be a passenger in one driven by an expert racing driver.

The Radical sportscar company was started by Brit racing drivers and engineers Phil Abbott and Mick Hyde who wanted to design and build a really powerful and light racer for road use that an also be run on a track without any modifications. What you get is an amazing little car that sticks to the tarmac like glue.

Your high speed experience as a passenger in the Radical starts with a meet and greet with the instructor who’ll be driving. You’ll then get kitted in a full race helmet complete with intercom system so you can communicate at high speed in the open cockpit. In the pits you’ll be literally strapped into the car and before you know it there’s a rev of the engine and you’re off for a blisteringly quick passenger ride experience.

This Radical Race Car is like nothing you’ll have ever have been in before. The acceleration is amazing and it’s kind of like what you’d expect if you could be a passenger in an F1 car. A truly thrilling experience and a great value gift to give from Into the Blue with six different race venues to choose from at which to take the experience.

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