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Rafting Fort William | The Real Britain Company

Rafting Fort William

Take on the rapids with our White Water Rafting Fort William experience! The starting point for your rafting is just south of the historic Fort Augustus and the whooshing white waters will have you paddling like mad on the River Garry and working as a team to make a successful descent.

So you and your fellow white water rafters will be out on the River Garry. What’s unique about this river is that it is dam-released meaning the waters are controlled and you can expect a good flow in both summer and winter months and when the gushing white water is manually released at the source near Fort William that’s when you can find yourself really rafting!

This session has been graded 3 to 4 which means it is a quite challenging course but there will be a qualified International Rafting Federation guide with you in the raft and you will have the best equipment available for your Fort William mission!

For your white water rafting Fort William session you will be part of a small group out on the waters of the Garry river in the inflatable raft alongside an instructor/guide. You’ll have a paddle in hand and as you go head on into the dips and drops there’s no point in ducking as you will be getting wet! You can also expect to go sideways and generally have a thrilling time negotiating these white waters near Fort William that can be seriously rushing during the height of the rafting season.

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