Rally Driving Leicestershire

A whole host of fancy cars at a top-notch circuit – that’s rally driving in Leicestershire for you! The rally cars will be ready and revved up for you on these Loughborough-based driving experiences waiting for you to take to the tarmac mixed and loose gravel stages. Be prepared to have your clutch brake and throttle skills tested to the max! 

Rally taster sessions are perfect for those who just want to dip their toe into the heady world of rally driving or anyone looking for high thrills at low prices. Count on spending around an hour at the venue just outside Loughborough rallying in a fully prepped vehicle for a short sharp and very intense session. There’s a little element of surprise involved here too as you won’t know which car you’ll be clunk-clicking yourself into until the day but believe us it’ll be fast!

The next level on the podium is the bronze experience. This is the same set up as the taster drive but gives you extended time in the car so you can really start to have a feel for what rallying is all about and just what these high-spec cars are capable of. Ideal for learning the basics of how to rally drive.

On our silver experiences things really hot up with a complete half-day programme of driving. The symmetrical all wheel drive Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and Subaru WRX Sti will be lined up in the pits alongside a front wheel drive group N car like a Ford Focus or VW Polo. You will drive the big boys on the tarmac surface whilst you’ll be able to fling the hot hatch around a loose gravel stage for some nice under and oversteer fun that’ll have you trying to hang on to the steering wheel as it threads through your hands to stop that opposite lock moment!

Whether you go for the taster bronze or silver sessions at this renowned and highly-respected Loughborough driving experience centre you’re sure to be accompanied in some great cars by some brilliant tutors. The days are well-organised and with well-maintained vehicles that are ready to rally on a variety of testing surfaces. We think you’ll agree it’s time to get those wheels spinning and the rubber burning!

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