Rally Driving Yorkshire

Get set for this superb RS rally driving experience in Yorkshire! At this Yorkshire rally driving school it’s minimal talking and maximum driving time. What’s more you’ll drive one of the all-time classic rally cars that won every RAC Rally between 1975 and 1979; the rear wheel drive RS2000 Ford Escort.

Opting for the taster session will see you jumping into the Mark II Escort for an initial session to nail those handbrake turns. Then you’re off for a four laps of the special taster stage so you can have a go at the rallying basics with the instructor teaching you. Your fourth pass on the track will be a timed one to see who will be the rally taster champion of Yorkshire.

The half day rally driving course also begins with handbrake turns. You’ll then head out for six laps around the half day special rally stage; a twisting circuit of mud and gravel. It’s time to go for broke for the sixth and final lap as this one’s timed. The quickest driver wins the trophy and the champers whilst runners up get plaques. You can expect to get around 35 minutes of actual drive time with this half day rally experience at this Yorkshire school.

On the full day you get a lot more rallying time around this Yorkshire venue. It all starts with a handbrake turn session followed by four laps of the taster stage. Your morning is rounded off with a couple of laps on the longer half day stage. Your pitstop for lunch can be taken a local pub so you can refuel with some good Yorkshire grub (to paid for locally) before getting back to the rallying.

The afternoon rally session will start with another three laps of that intermediate stage before you tackle the big one. The extended rally special stage is the longest at this Yorkshire centre and offers all the challenges that any pro rallyer would face. All four laps of this intense stage are timed so keep your wits about you. For all that extra effort all drivers take home a trophy with awards for fastest and best improver too.

If you love rallying and want to experience it in an authentic setting driving one the all-time classic rally cars these rally experiences in Yorkshire are the ideal match. And remember there are no lengthy classroom sessions it’s all about getting out there on the various loose gravel stages and getting on with the serious business of rallying!

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