Rally in Oxfordshire

Once upon a time there was a rally driving experience in Oxfordshire where you step back into motorsport history to drive the good and the great Ford Escort! A good serving of 1970s nostalgia most definitely on the menu with these fabulous and funky half and full day rallying sessions at this school near Bicester. One of our most popular venues in the UK it’s your chance to drive a rally legend.

The original and still the best. The Ford Escort MKII RS2000 is one of the most successful rally icons of all time. The Escort has won more world championship rallies than any other car in the history of the sport. The Mk I star was the Mexico and this was superseded in the MKII production by the inimitable and still current RS series.

Awash with rally victories from 1975 to 1981 the list of drivers piloting the RS to the podium reads like a who’s who of rallying. There’s Timo Makinen Roger Clark Bjorn Waldegard Hannu Mikola and not forgetting Ari Vatanen whose co-driver David Richards you might know from Aston Martin and specialist rally outfit ProDrive fame.

But enough of the history it’s time to bring old school rallying back to life in Oxfordshire as it’s your chance now to give rallying a go at this superb venue just outside Bicester.  Enjoy the thrill of handbrake turns power slides Scandinavian flicks and quickly learn how to control the car in understeer and oversteer situations on the special rally stage.

The reputation of the rally school here in Bicester is riding high too boasting a long history of competing in major rally championships. The fleet of cars is all serviced and maintained in-house too providing professionally built Group four spec rally vehicles for us all to enjoy.  

What we love about all these Oxfordshire sessions is that you will stay with the same rally instructor throughout so together you can build your skills and learn just what it tales to handle these two wheel drive sliding machines.

Of course the full day rally driving experience at this Oxfordshire-based school is the ultimate as it gives you loads of time behind the wheel to explore the bespoke special stages in these full blown rally legends. One last highlight is a timed event at the end of the day to see who is the champ of MK II Escort rallying at Bicester! No wonder this is one of our most popular rally schools. We reckon it’s time you got booked in!

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