Rallying in Gloucestershire

At this Gloucestershire rally school you’ll experience what it’s like to be a proper rally driver! Combining training sessions with timed rally stage laps these half and full day rally experiences teach all the rallying skills you need.

The school is operated under the guidance of Andy Gwynne who has clocked up many a rally stage win during his career including being two-time European Class A6 Champion and coming first in class at the 2005 Wales Rally GB. He certainly knows his stuff and with his equally skilled and dedicated team of instructors you’ve got top notch instruction on tap.

The cars at this Gloucestershire school are competition-prepared Citroen C2s as used in the National Rally Championship. The are little front wheel drive pocket rockets and they are great fun to drive on these challenging loose gravel stages.

Sessions start with a welcome and meeting your instructor then it’s straight out to the cars (no time-consuming demo laps here!) to start your rally driving with all the instruction in-car. You’ll have two training sessions on the half day and more on the full day by the end of which you will have had a go at classic rally moves such as handbrake turns and power slides.

Your experience continues with a duo of ‘against the clock’ rounds. Run just like proper rally stages you’ll listen to the countdown on the starting line. Five four three two one – and GO! Dust flying and tyres grappling for grip you’re off on your timed lap. Your instructor becomes your co-pilot giving you invaluable pace notes as you hurtle around the stage. 

Now you’ve posted your best lap times on this thrilling Gloucestershire rally stage it’s time to hand over the reins to the pros. You might have scared them a little on the outings with you at the wheel but when it’s you in that passenger seat and them in the hot seat? Well we can tell you your eyes will be on stalks. It. is. so. fast.

Having been scared pretty much witless (but in the good way) by your extreme passenger ride it’s time to gather your thoughts whilst the team analyse the stage times of you and your fellow competing drivers. Numbers crunched and totted up the winner of the whole event will be declared. But no-one leaves this Gloucestershire rally school empty-handed all participants receive prints out of their times and a certificate too.

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