Red Panda Encounter for Four

Meet Tika and Pema on a Red Panda experience at Drayton Manor! These exclusive packages are for four people to go on a family-friendly Red Panda encounter together hosted by a professional animal keeper who looks after these gorgeous Red Pandas.

Red Pandas don’t really do that much apart from eating and sleeping but these adorable little mammals are fascinating creatures to watch. They are adept at climbing and love nothing more than a little ascent to get to a tasty meal of delicious bamboo. They’re also partial to things like eggs insects and even the odd fish. See there’s so much to learn about Red Pandas!

Sadly there are fewer than 10 000 Red Pandas left in the world which is why the work of places like Drayton Manor in helping to preserve this endangered species is so important. You’ll hear all about why Red Pandas are getting increasingly rare who their predators are in the wild and what can be done to help the Red Panda population during your experience.

You’ll also get a real insight into their personalities as well. Red Pandas can be quite characterful so even if your encounter is meant to be around a training session these adorable ‘red bear cats’ (as they are also known) may not want to play ball and might prefer doing their own thing!

As is the policy with many of the species residing at Drayton Manor’s zoo you won’t be able to actually touch or pet the Red Pandas when you meet them but you will be heading right inside their enclosure which is not accessible to the public. A trained keeper will be with you at all times and will explain what will happen. The trainers will also be happy to answer any questions you might have about the species.

These Red Panda experiences take place at 4pm which is during normal park opening hours. You will need to have general entry tickets to get you into Drayton Manor but it does mean you have most of the day to enjoy all the facilities and attractions this popular Staffordshire park offers. You can save on entry tickets by buying discounted Drayton Manor tickets in advance from us here at Into The Blue.

Find out more and book your place today!

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