River Bugging in Scotland

River Bugging is the latest craze in Scotland that hails from down under and adrenaline is guaranteed as you take to the River Tummel in Perthshire in your personal River Bug!

Bugging is a great way to see the river from a different perspective whether it’s in a full raging spate or showing the calmer face of the summer. In fact high water or otherwise bugging is a thrill a minute – river-based activity and not to be missed if you can keep a cool head when the spray is flying the river is deep and you’re getting soaked.

This centre was the first in Scotland to offer river bugging and this experience takes place on the Tummel river near Pitlochry. Since then several rivers in the area have been bugged but this is considered to be the original and the best. The bugs themselves are like blow up armchairs and work like a personal raft as you sit in them and launch yourself down the fast flowing waters negotiating your own path as you go.

Before you head off you’ll be kitted out in all the usual gear but with one extra addition that is the key to this bugging lark – webbed gloves! These allow you to paddle control and steer the bug as your hurtle down the river and are amazingly effective.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done river bugging before you’ll get expert tuition from some of the world’s most experienced white-water professionals including the acknowledged pioneer of bugging who just happens to be the chief instructor – and who has come all the way to Scotland from New Zealand to spread the river bugging word.

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