River Derwent White Water Rafting

If you fancy a bit of a paddle do Derwent river rafting! This is a great little corner of the world and setting off to explore along the River Derwent has to be one of the best things to do in Matlock. The scenery is stunning the staff are all brilliant and it’s a great fun.

Your meeting point for this River Derwent white water rafting session is right next to the Square and Compass a classic stone-built inn just opposite the river. You’ll be brought back from Matlock Bath to here at the end of your river rafting session. It’s just such a perfect place for celebrating with a drink and maybe a nice meal after all that effort!

So back to your Derwent river rafting. This is a 4.5 mile stretch of the river that flows from Darley Dale into Matlock Bath. The upper section starts as a gentle paddle so you can get used to the feeling of riding on moving water practice a few techniques and generally get the gist of the boat. You’ll even have time to take in the lovely riverside setting – with wildlife and maybe even a bit of wild swimming if you’re up for it too.

Don’t get too comfy though as the lower section of the river awaits where there are some moderate (grade 2) Derwent rapids to tackle. Watch out for pesky granite boulders in the middle of the river and the occasional eddy on the side (which is where the water flows the opposite way because of an obstacle under the water). With rapids known as Tower Fall Flip Bridge and the Wind Tunnel you’ll all need to all paddle together to ride ‘em!

With a gentle paddle out at the end as you arrive in Matlock Bath there’s one more highlight for you – High Tor. Seen from the river this famous sheer cliff is all the more impressive as it towers 120m above your heads. A befitting end point for your River Derwent white water rafting session.

Once out of the water you’ll be transported back to the start point at Darley Dale. Having conquered the Derwent river rafting it’s time to hotfoot it over the road the pub and raise a glass to your white water skills!

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