River Tubing Adventure Matlock

Get your wetsuit on and get ready to relish your river tubing experience in Matlock! You’ll be riding the River Derwent in a ‘tube’ which is an super strong rigid inflatable ring. No paddling required you’ll use the natural flow to go downstream.

You’ll be setting off from Darley Dale a lovely corner of the Peak District National Park to river tube all the way to Matlock Bath. Before you launch yourself into the waters you’ll meet with your instructors who will get you kitted out in a wetsuit and helmet. There’ll be bank-side briefing so you know what to expect and what you’ll be doing out on the water.

Then it’s time for each of your to get your tube get yourself in it and go riding the Derwent! They are surprisingly stable as your weight is well-balanced by sitting in the ring. You’ll be really quite comfy as you glide down the river but if you’re up for it the instructors will take you down some nice little rapids so you can get bounced around a bit in your tube.

For some extra tubing fun the instructing team might also take you to an area of the Derwent where you can play around in the tubes. Try standing up on them jumping in off them and generally having a whale of time messing about on the water.

What’s great about these sessions is that they are very laid back and totally suitable for all the family. Kids as young as six years old can river tube (as long as they can swim and are confident in open waters) which makes tubing in Matlock an ideal family outing on a weekend or in the holidays.

As one delighted tuber commented: “I’ve not seen my Mum laugh so much in ages”. And indeed tubing is that sort of activity. It brings out the kid in the everyone and by the time you’ve got back to base you’ll be a bit soggy and exhausted but totally exhilarated by the whole thing.

We are offering river tubing vouchers in Matlock for two to eight people to tube together along the lovely River Derwent. All sessions are guided and run regularly between April and October. Isn’t time you went tubing in the Peak District?

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