Rocket Building Workshop

Book onto a rocket building workshop and learn how to build a proper rocket! And when we say rocket we mean an actual 1m-high missile capable of being propelled several thousand feet in the air. Yes you read that right. You’ll be building a rocket that’ll be heading way up high in the sky! How exciting is that?

Luckily you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be into rocketry. These innovative rocket building workshops will take you through the whole process in just a day. From the initial design through assembly and onto preparing the mounts for the launch it’s fascinating stuff. You even learn how to install and test a parachute for your rocket’s re-entry so it lands gently enough that you can re-use your hand-crafted rocket.

Each participant gets to build their own rocket and the culmination of all that hard work in the workshop is a launch event where you will get to fire your rocket off into space (well into the blue at least!). You’ll be transported to the special outdoor rocket launch zone where the final preparations will be undertaken ready for blast off. Once launched into orbit your attention turns to tracking the rocket and then recovery.

Of course behind every great rocket is a team of great scientists. Here at this Rocket HQ Ben is head of rocketry. He’s been building rockets for many many years. He’s overseen more than 1500 launches with high performance hybrid nitrous oxide-powered designs producing 10KM of thrust and regularly reaching between 20 000 and 30 000ft in the stratosphere.

Ben launched his fully-fledged UK rocket business based out of former RAF Coltishall near Norwich where your workshop will take place. His aim is to provide training simulation and services to the UK space industry including launching rockets with payloads or for high altitude weather monitoring for example.

These one-day rocket building workshops give you the chance to find out just how you can build and launch your very own space rocket. Ideally aimed at grown ups these fab experiences allow you to realise those childhood rocket-building dreams. Time to get ready to go to infinity and beyond and book your place!

Find out more and book your place today!

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