Sadlers Ales Brewery Tour

See behind the scenes of the Sadler’s Brewery with our Brewery Tours in Stourbridge! Award winning brewer Chris Sadler and his team will be only too pleased to show you around just how those delicious craft ales are made at the modern Sadlers brewhouse in Lye.

The brewery tour aims to be informal and fun so it’s more of a wander though the ale making process than a regimented musuem tour where you’re bombarded with history facts and figures (although with Sadler’s making beers since 1900 there is a lot to talk about!). We like that fact that it’s a working brewhouse but one where you can get right up close to the fermenting vats peer inside munch on some malt and sniff the very distinctive smell of those lovely hops in your hand.

You Sadlers tour guide will explain just how ale is made giving you a fascinating insight into modern brewing techniques. And of course you’ll lift the lid on some of the secrets of a great craft beer which comes down to the head brewer’s magic touch to create those distinctive brews. For example add hops at the end of a boil and a you get a stronger hoppy taste but of you want that lip-smacking hit of bitterness add them nice and early in the process.

Having seen how the Sadlers brewery works the last part of your tour will lead you through the cellars to be shown how to best store beers before arriving (rather conveniently we think) in the on site bar. A very befitting place to end your tour as no visit to a brewhouse would be complete without a tasting session.

Get ready to have your tastebuds tingled as the beers start flowing giving you first hand experience in the fine collection of Sadlers Ales. We love the ever popular Worcestor Sorcerer and the wonderfully named Peaky Blinder as well as the Thin Ice JPA Mellow Yellow Red IPA Hop Bomb and Mud City Stout. All of these are brewed here at the Sadlers brewery and it’s literally very refreshing to be able to taste them all!

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