Secret Supercar and Hotlap Experience

Expect the element of surprise on the Secret Supercar special! On these unique experiences you get the thrill of finding out which car or cars you’re going to be driving just seconds before you zoom off. It’s high thrills big smiles and low prices for this one folks!

It’s all about the mystery for this experience. With your voucher in your hand you won’t know. When you book the date of secret supercar day you won’t know. And when you turn up at Bovingdon Aerodrome circuit you’re still in the dark. Sure there are supercars all around you but you have no idea which you’ll drive.

In fact it won’t be until your name’s called and your instructor steps forward to greet you that you’ll be shown which of these fine motors you’ll be taking out for a spin. That’s the thrill of this secret supercar experience – and it adds that extra unknown factor to your day out.

The lineup of cars is pretty incredible. A good selection of the major high performance and supercar manufacturers is there. From gorgeous Aston Martins and powerful Porsches to fabulous Fast & Furious cars they are all present and correct. Once you’re at the wheel you’ll be driving for four laps of this one kilometre-long circuit. It’s pretty challenging with some sweeping corners and a couple of tight ones too as well as nice straight section for you to open up the throttle a bit.

Before you’re let loose on the track you’ll attend a driver briefing that lasts around 30-minutes. This is followed by a session out on the track for recce as a passenger so you can visualise the lay of the land. And to round off your secret supercar special you’ll be treated to a high speed passenger lap with an instructor really going for it in a high performance car. Brilliant fun and all with excitement of not knowing what you’ll be driving until the last moment!

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