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Ride on a Segway in London and discover some of the most tranquil and beautiful corners of the capital!  You’ll be segwaying your way around London on special rally-style tracks well away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city streets so you can concentrate on riding these funky little electric transporters and take in the views at the same time!

So where in London can you ride a Segway? There’s Alexandra Park in North London which is situated on a hilltop and offers stunning views across the city. The park is home to the ‘People’s Palace’ a graceful 19th century structure covering seven acres and surrounded by a further 189 acres of parkland boating lakes and golf courses. We think these speedy silent personal transporters are a fantastic way of discovering the delights of ‘Ally Pally’ this Victorian haven of greenery and peace.

Over the other side of the River Thames you’ll find Segways zipping around Battersea Park – the treelined grounds that sit at the foot of one of London’s most iconic buildings – Battersea Power Station. It’s a fun place where all ages like to hang out of a weekend and Segwaying your way around it makes an exciting change from jogging or strolling!

West of the capital you’ll find Segways at Richmond Park. Taking to the trails within the golf course boundary of London’s largest Royal Park you can look out across Pen Ponds and the lovely parklands where the deers roam lake as you Segway. There’s free parking and use of the golfing clubhouse too. And all this just a few miles out of central London.

For those who don’t want to venture into the heart of central London for their Segway experience how about Hainault Forest Country Park? Comfortably inside the M25 there is ample parking and lots for all the family to do so whilst yo go off on your inaugural Segway rally friends and family can enjoy the zoo the adventure park and a stroll around the fishing lake to the nice little cafe on site.

For all of our London lessons there’s a short practice session on your personal x2 All Terrain Segway. Once you’re confident getting on off and manoeuvring one of these sleek machines it’s time for a Segway rally London-style. This is where you can test the true speed of your machine and pit yourself against the other riders in your group. With up to 12 people taking part at any time you can bet that the competition soon hots up!

You can Segway in London on midweek or weekend dates so it offers maximum availability for maximum enjoyment. If you’d prefer an alternative venue to London take a look at our Segway experience days out nationwide.

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