Segway Rally Thirsk

Go Segwaying in Thirsk and it’s all about the obstacles and the cross country! North Yorkshire is the setting for this experience more specifically a 50-acre outdoor driving and activity centre just outside Thirsk in some rather picture-perfect countryside.

With lots going on at this venue each activity has its own sector and you will be orientated towards zone three which has been purpose-built for the Segways. Now these aren’t just your standard machine. The X2 model has been developed specifically for outdoor off road use with the additions of things like low pressure tyres and lithium-ion batteries. This means the transporter can tackle rough terrain gripping on grass and gravel with ease and the can go for longer without running out of power. too.

There are three parts to these hour long experiences near Thirsk. An initial training period will see you learning how to handle the X2 and mastering slow-speed basic manoeuvres in a small paddock area near to the Segway base. You will then move on to a mown grass section which has been made more complicated with obstacles such as logs and coned-out slalom courses for you to swerve around – all designed to keep you on your toes!

The third part of your session is a cross country mini trek where you will follow the leader on your personal transporter. Heading off through the estate you’ll be deftly weaving through the zone’s trails and track. This is the moment that paddock and obstacle practice will come good as you tackle the natural bumps and lumps of the land.

We are offering Segway rides in Thirsk for both adults and juniors up to the age of 11 who are at least 4ft tall (from 12 years it’s an adult voucher). Grown ups and youngsters can Segway together with group sizes being kept to a maximum of six at any one time. Great fun in the countryside near Thirsk!

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