A short sharp blast of Segway riding that’ll getting you weaving around the obstacles with ease! It’ll be Segway fun all the way with these 30 minute riding sessions at your choice of circuit venue. Let’s see if you can handle the gyroscopic giddiness of these crazy little electric vehicles.

If you’ve never even seen a Segway before you’re sure to raise an eyebrow when you clap eyes on one for the first time. They sort of look like something from a sci-fi film that’s not quite real. After all how can you travel on a little board with wheels like that let along whizz up and down an undulating off road trail? Well funnily enough the answer is in the science of it all. We’re talking gyroscopes and LeanSteer technology which makes riding the Segway as simple as 1 2 3 apparently.

Having said that you will need a little start up session to familiarise yourself with the Segways so you can get used to the rather supernatural feeling of gliding along. If you’ve never ridden one before you’re sure to be a little bit wobbly to begin with but within minutes most newbie Segwayers are spinning around on their own axis with aplomb and having a lot of fun so it’s time to head off on the track.

Of course we’re not talking about riding around on the actual tarmac race track on your Segway. With a max speed of around 12mph you won’t be as quick as all the sports cars out there going considerably faster. Instead this operator has created purpose-built Segway routes around the perimeter areas of these track venues complete with all the bumps hills dips and drops you can wish for.

As you’ll be equipped with an X2 Seg that’s to say one of the specially adapted cross-country models you’ll be able to tackle this tricky terrain no problem but just in case all the safety gear you need is provided. In essence Segway riding is great fun and these 30 minute sessions ensure you get to test the personal transporter and your own Segwaying skills to the max.

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