Segway Safari Northumberland

Hop on a Segway in Newcastle for an unforgettable tour around the magnificent estate of Slaley Hall! If you’ve never heard of Segways they are basically electric-powered personal transporters that look like proper space-age gadgets. All the clever geometry stuff is hidden inside the wheels but you don’t need to worry about the physics of how Segways work just enjoy the ride around this superlative venue in Newcastle upon Tyne.

And what a fine location indeed for your Segway tour. You’ll be Segwaying around Slaley Hall the 1000 acre estate in amongst the moorlands of Northumberland that is now a luxury hotel as well as hosting this top notch segwaying venue only a few miles west of Newcastle You will be whizzing around a specially selected route that includes tarmac roads woodland trails and across open fields on an x2 version of these personal transportation machines.

The x2 is the cross country version of the standard Segway renowned for being rugged tough and agile too. With a top speed of 12 miles an hour they’re exactly what you’ll need for this north-eastern cross-country extravaganza as you traverse the rocky uneven and maybe even muddy paths that meander across the estate. Once you’re riding for real you’ll be glad of the scratch resistant fenders deep-treaded tyres and vital higher ground clearance that characterise the x2.

Before you start your Segway safari at this popular Newcastle-upon-Tyne location you’ll both be given a full safety kit including helmet overalls and body armour. You’ll also be taken through your paces by an experienced x2 instructor who’ll show you the basics of starting stopping and steering these incredible machines. After that it’s out to the car park to build up your confidence before you hit the track for real under the watchful eye of a park guide.

Each course lasts approximately one hour so you’ve got loads of riding time to really maximise your enjoyment of the Segway. The Newcastle centre based at Slaley Hall also offers a range of other activities to fill your day in wild and wonderful ways. Alternatively you can segue over to Newcastle city centre and make the most of the shopping restaurants and nightlife on offer.

And one thing that makes our Segway Newcastle experiences rather unique is the fact that you can film your foray into segwaying by opting for a headcam that’s fitted to the front of your helmet and records all your slick Segway moves! You can order this extra service on arrival at the Segway venue. As well as Newcastle upon Tyne Segway experiences are available in other areas all around the country so please visit our main Segway Personal Transporter section for more information.

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